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Collecting testimonials is challenging. Supabite helps you collect, manage and promote video testimonials in a simple, fast and easy way.

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“92% of consumers consider online testimonials, before making a purchasing decision”

- Local Consumer Review Survey 2015

Why you need Supabite?

Our simple testimonial collection and management process helps you build an authentic brand image through customer stories.


Build customer trust through authentic and engaging testimonial videos.

Brand Image

Demonstrate your service on a more personal level and generate more conversions.

Customer Loyalty

Convert your most devoted customers into brand advocates.


Create a relatable connection and drive more revenue through customer testimonials.

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Import testimonials

In addition to collecting videos, showcase customer testimonials from multiple social platforms.

and more..

User journey with Supabite

Take advantage of our seamless features to make the most of your customer testimonials.

Collect text and video testimonials with a simple link

Create and share testimonial campaigns with your customers through a simple, customizable form. Add reviews seamlessly in simple steps without any hassle, in either text or video format. Customer testimonials are an excellent way to increase trust in your brand.

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